Get Ready to Vote, Harlem! 

Harlem, New York City

Are you ready to vote for the next Miss Harlem Shake?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The votes end this week, so basically in a few hours. It’s never too late to vote! All you have to do is visit Harlem Shake at 100 west 124th street. Plus, it’s a great spot to catch up with friends this Friday.

2. The winner will be announced Septemeber 13th.

3. The winner will be part of the African American Day parade on Septemeber 21st.

Here are the candidates:

· Alison Mixon

Alison is a professional dancer and Juilliard graduate specializing in ballet, pointe, contemporary, jazz and musical theatre who also teaches at Alvin Alley Dance Theatre. She is competing on behalf of the Children’s Aid Society which offers early childhood educational programming to kids in the Harlem community.

· Regine Gilbert

Regine is a UX Designer with a passion for accessibility, design and tech. She is a proud member of NY Cares and Teaches a Project Runway Apprenticeship at Citizen Schools. She is competing on behalf of Children’s Aid Society-Dunlevy Milbank Center on W118th, a comprehensive community facility that includes medical and dental services, mental health services, preventative information, family wellness, child care and more.

· Amanda Mobley

Amanda works as an interior designer, event producer and commercial print model. She is competing on behalf of the Church of the Master Mentoring Program.

· Francheska Rivera

Francheska is a Production Assistant and Freelancer. She is an aspiring photographer who enjoys yoga, biking, jogging and fashion. She is competing on behalf of Harlem Hospital (Center), a teaching hospital associated with Columbia that provides health care to economically disadvantaged communities and is one of the largest US training centers for minority and female physicians.

· Limore Dooley

Limore is a wellness education specialist who promotes well-being through nutrition, physical activity, hydration, sleep quality and relaxation. Blogs at She is competing on behalf of Harlem Children’s Zone, a non-profit organization for poverty-stricken children and families living in Harlem that provides free support in the form of parenting workshops, pre-school programs, three public charter schools and child-oriented health programs.

· Kristyan Gilmore

Kristyan is an attorney who graduated from Howard University School of Law. She is competing on behalf of the Harlem Business Alliance, a group that works to reverse the void that resulted from years of disinvestment in Harlem.

Be sure to visit Harlem Shake for the best burgers and shakes in our beloved neighborhood.

Good luck to all the contestants!