Day Tripping: Boston 

Day Trips

I spent days debating if I should book a trip to the West Coast or visit Boston. This was all conducted in the very last minute and of course I was looking for budget friendly options. After taking into consideration hotel prices, airfare, and other factors I decided Boston was the best option.


“Attention passengers our next stop will be Boston” said our Bolt Bus driver. He was such a jolly man especially for a cold Thursday morning. He even made me feel good considering that I detest waking up early (I’m more of a night owl). However, when it comes to traveling I make sacrifices and Thursday’s sacrifice was waking up at 6am (or what I like to call ungodly hours). The advantage of bus traveling is that you get to sleep in and that’s exactly what I did for half of the time. The rest of the four hour ride was divided between making sure my brother was comfortable (my travel buddy), checking my iPhone, and reading my new favorite book Girls Who Travel. I have to say the driver was so nice that we made a pit stop and I took advantage of this by buying some food.

Upon arriving in Boston, I thought all the hours spent researching about budget friendly ways to explore Boston- was well worth it. I was ready to go on an adventure and enjoy my day trip there. In terms of numbers I spent roughly around $165 for the two of us, that includes food and transportation: Bolt Bus and Old Town Trolly Tour. If you buy your Bolt Bus tickets in advance, you can probably score cheaper tickets.

My initial plan was to do a self guided walking tour, but the weather had other plans. So I purchased my Old Town Trolly Tour tickets when I arrived to the Boston Historic’s North End. I am not the best map user, but I managed and I assure you that you can too. It goes to say that I walked from the South Station all the way to the start of the Freedom Trail by Congress Street. Mind you, I didn’t want to walk it but the taxi drivers insisted it was only a few blocks away or as one of them said “three traffic lights down and make a left”. Darn, I really wanted to take a taxi and avoid the cold walk. But we are New Yorkers and being so we can handle anything. And so our adventure began and we paid $37 per person for the trolley that took us around Boston.

For a detailed map of the Old Town Trolley Tour, visit their website they have many tours ranging from hop on hop off tours to chocolate tours. We went with the hop on hop off tour which lasted about two hours without stopping at any destination. The tour guide was very friendly and provided an array of information. He even went on to mention that if we were to get Red Socks fever that he can provide exorcisms especially to Yankee fans. No, we didn’t catch Red Socks fever but I did snap some pictures from the trolley window like the one below.

Before we knew it is was time to return to South Station and we were headed back to our starting point. But before we left behind Congress Street I needed to snap some shots of this historical city. We also visited the Quincy Market which was filled with people probably keeping warm away from the cold. Quincy Market has numerous food options from lobster rolls to Starbucks. So if you are need of something sweet or filing visit the Quincy Market, trust me you will not be disappointed.


Overall, it was a marvelous day trip and plan on returning in the spring or summer. Our tour guide informed us that reenactments happen during those months. Plus, you can do so much more. By then the weather will also be pleasant and I can finally explore the city in depth. My plan for my next trip over is to explore Chinatown, Harvard, go on a Swan ride, and possibly take a Duck tour. If you are not familiar with a Duck tour its basically a tour that takes you into Charles River with a splash. So if you are headed up there during the warmer months be sure to check out the Swan rides, Duck tours, and other amazing events.

Nos vemos pronto (see you soon)…Gigi